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Sukorn Cabana Resort, a place that you can fulfill your dream holiday

      If you dream of an island with very tranquil, private atmosphere and not too far, you must think of Sukorn cabana resort which nestles in Koh Sukorn. You can visit the island by boat all the year and can afford to stay at the resort of very reasonable price.

      Long-tailed boats can reach Koh Sukorn only in 15 minutes. Upon arriving, you will find yourself standing on a clean beach in a tiny island. If you stroll for ward from the beach, little bungalows are waiting for you under the shady amidst the tranquil private place.

      The resort will be your own little home under the coconut trees, the design of the room here is very proper for either back packers, the a couple or families.

      The resort also offers package tour service to travel around the sea of trang.
In Koh Sukorn, you can have tasty fresh seafood and beverages and can buy some useful appliances to use during your vacation here.

     If you find the quiet and serene place among nature, Sukorn cabana resort is your destination.
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Sukorn Cabana Resort
117 Mhu 1 Tambon Koh Sukorn,
Palien district, Trang 92120
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Tel : (+66)0 89 724 2326 , (+66)0 7521 9440
Fax : (+66)0 7521 9440
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Tel :(+66)0 98 575 0288
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